HSLUWI - Projektplattform

Project platform HSLUWI

Students of the department Business Engineering | Innovation at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts write two individual projects during their studies. This is an industrial project and a bachelor thesis. This platform supports the submission of project ideas in the form of project outlines and the assignment of projects to students.

WI students typically work on topics in the field of "technology-oriented business administration". Results of this work are for example: Market analyses, requirements analyses, business plans, process analyses, brainstorming and validation, functional, ergonomic and production-related product design concepts, material and technology research, needs analyses, design briefing, patent searches, design management plans, corporate communication concepts, brand development concepts.

The work concludes with a scientific report. The industrial partners are involved as follows:

Acceptance/provision of any materials and travel expenses

BAT only: contribution towards expenses in the amount of CHF 1'000.00

Filling in and submission of the project outline

Participation in the creation of the task definition

Oral statement on the result at the end of the project

Voluntary: Cooperation/support in the project